Prato Città-Fabbrica
The architecture of the Industrial District

A symposium organized by Behemoth Press project as parallel project to the Oslo Triennale of Architecture 2016 After Belonging
Associazione Culturale Chì-na
Via Pistoiese 138, 59100 Prato


Behemoth Press aims at an architectural investigation of the notion of Industrial District, namely that socio-territorial entity characterized by the presence of an active community of people and business companies intimately connected within a logistic network of cooperating suppliers and producers.
Industrial districts are weird animals. Whereas globalization and neoliberal production seem to homogenize territories and destroy local realities, within the protected compound of the industrial district companies are able to produce difference, innovative approaches and specialization, creative experimentation and mutual support.
Firmly rooted in their territories, districts propose a very particular relation between living and working, cooperation and competition, transforming their localized concentration into a competitive asset, attracting international fundings and the support of research institutes and universities. In this sense, the industrial district might be considered not only as a investment opportunities for advanced technologies of production and automation but also as laboratories to explore new forms of employment and income for their inhabitants.
Moving from the case-study of the textile district of Prato, the symposium will explore the broader relations between architecture and labor, territory and production with the contributions by Massimo Bressan [Professor, Faculty of Political Science, University of Florence] Marco Brizzi [Professor, School of Architecture of California State University and Kent State University Florence] Matilde Cassani [Architect, Photographer, Politecnico di Milano] Filip Geerts [Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, TU Delft] Claudio Greppi [Professor, History Department, University of Siena] Christina Moon [Assistant Professor, Fashion Studies, Parsons School of Design New York] SerpicaNaro [Design Collective, Milan] Giorgio Piccinato [Professor Emeritus, School of Architecture, University of RomaTre] Silvia Pieraccini [Journalist, IlSole24Ore] Paola Viganó [Professor, School of Architecture, IUAV Venice, EPFL Lausanne] Marina Otero-Verzier [OAT AfterBelonging Agency - Het Nieuwe Instituut]