Proposal for an office and exhibition space in Bruxelles, Belgium.
With Federico Perugini.

An office is a space for life to happen. Whatever occurs should be gently organised rather than functionally obstructed. The open plan allows maximum freedom and flexibility for activities. Two curtains provide light separations and translucent partition, contradicting the speculative logic of the company structure and reconfiguring its rigorous hierarchies. One curtain completes the perimetric line of plaster wall, enclosing the whole space and filtering the view of the city towards an introjected arena. The other curtain divides the space in two parts, individuating lighter and darker zones, gathering spaces and areas for video-projections, access points and circulatory spaces. The layout rotates around a meditative core. The patio offers an introverted dimension: silence and protection from the diffused noise of the city. The work grows in parallel to its own memories. In order provide spaces for present and future activities, an office needs to diligently order its own past: an archive of words, files, images, texts and videos, a library of gestures. The table-archive is designed to grow through time and in different forms, to be moved and constantly rearranged across the plan.