The Architecture of Fulfilment.
A Night with a Logistic Worker.

A project by Behemoth Press in collaboration with Éva Le Roi and Lei Mao.
Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL

If in the past logistics was seen as mere support to production, today logistics has taken an autonomous life, becoming the key sector in today's economy. Yet, its principles and activities are difficult to grasp.
Logistics is based on a high degree of abstraction: software trace the position of commodities at any time, prescribing their movement according to self-regulating cybernetic algorithms. At the same time, logistics is based also on very concrete reality. Secondly, on a high amount of unskilled and angry workforce, as witnessed by the strikes at the Rotterdam harbour in October 2013.
The proposed exhibition will take the Italian Pianura Padana, as a paradigmatic case of Europe's most infrastructured territories, providing an unusual gaze on logistics through architectural drawings, models, and video interviews, to highlight the materiality, the “flesh and bones” of the European logistic networks.
Hence, beyond the specific case, a new methodology of inquiry and a common knowledge base of logistics and its processes will be constructed as the first step for a participatory composition of the conflicts that are today traversing trade networks across Europe.

The Architecture of Fulfilment. A Night with a Logistic Worker