A Study for a Cenobium

Unsolicited project.

“The cenobitic project can be defined more precisely as a sanctification of life by means of time. The continuation of the temporal scansion, interiorised in the form of a perpensatio horarum, a mental articulation of the passing of the hours, here becomes the element that permits it to act on the life of the individual and the community with an incomparably greater efficacy than the Stoic and Epicurean care of the self could achieve. And if we are perfectly accustomed to articulate our existence according to times and hours and to consider even our interior life as a linear and homogeneous course of time and not as an alternation of discrete and heterogeneous unities to be measured according to ethical criteria and rites of passage, we must not forget that it is in the cenobitic horologium vitae that time and life were for the first time intimately superimposed to the point of nearly coinciding.”
[Extract from Giorgio Agamben, The Highest Poverty. Monastic Rules and Form-of-Life. Stanford:Stanford University Press, 2013: 25.]