Figino Social Housing

A project for the International Competition promoted by the Fondazione Housing Sociale in Milan. With Giovanni Caudo, Raffaella Bracale, Silvia Columbo, Federica Gatta, Marco Palese, Federico Perugini, Edoardo Saba, Valentina Signore.
Shortlisted Project

The competition asked for a social housing complex in the suburbs of Milan where a new way a living could be experimented. The project began from the assumption that a urban settlement is made of individual actions and shared things whereas architecture is that threshold necessary to allow their mutual interaction.
The idea of a common realm eliminates the opposition public-private, opening the domestic level towards a certain degree of “otherness”, while preserving a level of intimacy from the anonymity of the public. The common is a collective construction and not a plan. It can not be scheduled, it can not be defined but organized, predisposed by single individualities who consciously decide to take part of it and weave relations with others.
The space for collective dwelling is too precious and important to be constrained within defined typologies. Nonetheless architecture should offer a structure, a framework of possibilities. Architecture is the final result of a process, something that it is possible to be reproduced elsewhere as an aggregation of minimal, concrete, everyday spaces. Its construction implies the understanding and the sharing of everyday objects, a table, a sofa, a doormat.
A collective form of life requires to overcome hesitations, contradictions and established behaviors. The project flaunts such ambiguity creating spaces of interferences with the traditional domestic and public domains, encouraging the dwellers to exceed any private housing threshold. Architecture is appropriated through use and by means of individual choices.