A Behemoth Press' project in collaboration with Milktrain (Pierluigi Barile, Bernardina Borra, Francesca Borgia, Giampiero Sanguigni).

Wars of religion; rise and fall of empires; pest and epidemics; the polarization of capital and property into financial empires; new enclosures and gated communities; the crisis of individual property and the rise of new forms of serfdom based on debt; the emergence of a new landed gentry of rentiers, taking control of increasingly large portions of cities; the carnivalesque economy of the event. But at the same time: the rise of new ascetes and autonomous communities of commoners; the end of the division between intellectual and manual labour and the return of the architect-builder (albeit in a digital format); the end of intellectual property and authorship... Capitalism is today so advanced that it becomes feudal. The parable of modern architecture and modern town planning, in their reformist or revolutionary variants, can be read as a five-century struggle against the feudal privileges of land rent. Today, they have finally lost their battle. Yet, new and unexpected opportunities are yet to be explored.