On Mythopoiesis and few other things

Performance and site installation at Veletrzní palác. 11th Prague Quadrennial of Performance, Design and Space, Now/Next Performance at Crossroads, Prague.

From the Sokol Movement, the Strahov Stadium and the Spartakiáda, through the riots of the Prague Spring suppressed by the Russian Invasion, to the massive strikes and protests in November 1989, the Crowd progressively became the radical political subject, overcoming the docile fragmentation of bodies through the unique potential of a corpus: the city itself. After a regime violently imposed with tanks, architectural frames, symbolical monuments and mass choreographies, followed the heavier cultural and economic manipulation of the Western Countries.
If the 'spectacle' is capital to such a degree of accumulation to become image, then we could assume that the 'performance' coincides with life itself and that a catharsis is no longer possible. When truth and false merge blur within all-encompassing events and when linguistic and intellectual faculties merge within the daily individual score, a mirror could act as a razor act, reflecting nothing more than the subject itself: "at the still point of the turning world there is a speculum". Labour is the unique reality. There is no longer an outside. Production is the unique and ubiquitous performance. Theater becomes a frame for the everyday life: an index of the daily virtuosity. Pure background.