A Harbour with Two Seas.
The Architecture of Logistics

A research project on Rotterdam and Genoa's port architecture. With Amir Djalali and supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.

The importance of logistics is becoming a key feature in any field of production. The increasing literature on distribution and supply chain is constantly updating and redefining the notions of territory, space and infrastructure as contested grounds shaped by new relations of power. Nevertheless, only a limited number of studies sought to retrace a line of evolution of logistics by means of architecture itself, namely the buildings, the functions, the constructive technologies and spatial paradigms that the practice of logistics developed throughout centuries.
Behemoth's project would be thus an attempt to redefine the role of the architectural discipline within contemporary logistics, infrastructure planning and distribution management: a domain from which architects seems to have completely retreated in the last decades. Through an analysis of their historical evolution and by means the instruments of drawing and photography, the research will attempt to understand the spaces and the relevance of the architecture of the harbour within the present neoliberal economy, its political role and the relations with cities and territories.
The aim of this first-phase of research is to produce a typological atlas of the architecture of the harbours of Rotterdam and Genoa —the two extremities of the European PP24 corridor— from their Renaissance mercantile structures to the contemporary fulfilment centres and container terminals.