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The Masters’ Teacher.
The Architectural and Educational Project
of Elia Zenghelis

A BehemothPress project recipient of a Startup Grant by Creative Industries Fund NL.

The professional practice of Elia Zenghelis has been always linked with his activity as a teacher, to the point that Herman Herzberger once defined him “the world’s best teacher of architecture.”
Zenghelis defined his teaching approach as that of a “midwife,” helping students to fulfill their personal obsessions and make them productive. Zenghelis literally ‘formed’ an impressive amount of (star) architects, which changed architecture for at least four decades: Rem Koolhaas, Willem Jan Neutelings, Zaha Hadid, Peter Wilson, Pier Vittorio Aureli, Alex Wall, Stefano de Martino, Ron Steiner, Greg Lynn and Peter Green were among Elia Zenghelis’ students. The relation between them and the Greek-British Master deeply influenced their career trajectories, helping them to materialize their desires and ambitions.
Although some his projects are well known and published, most of them, especially his educational projects have not received enough attention yet. At the moment there are no monographic publications on the work of Elia Zenghelis as a architect-educator. Behemoth wishes to fill this gap, providing the first systematic work on the Greek master.