University of Illinois at Chicago
School of Architecture
3100 Architecture & Design Studios
845 W Harrison Street (MC 030)
Chicago IL 60607

Doppelgänger. An Architecture of Estrangement
First-year core graduate studio
UIC School of Architecture
Spring 2018

Esau Hernandez, Stacie Merz, Jacob Patnode, Hafsa Sameen, William Stauffer, Julia Turner, Brittany Wyatt

Drawing from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s first novel The Double, the studio meditates on the uncanny and estranging nature of otherness in a series of five inhabitable structures progressively increasing in the number of rooms and inhabitants. Despite their geometrical progression — moving from one room to three, to nine, to twenty-seven, to a “society” of rooms — the five projects are independent and operate through mutual juxtapositions more than sequentiality. Similarly to the novel — wherein the narrator assumes the same language, thoughts, and gestures of the characters in a delirious stream of consciousness — the five variations conjecture an architecture directly engendered by its inner logic and deprived of its author. The studio considers drawing as the distinctive process of architectural production, necessary to critically investigate the principles of construction, formal composition, and fabrication of images aimed at estranging more than seducing, questioning rather than persuading, analyzing more than representing.