Architecture and Freelance Labor.

A Design Studio at the UIC School of Architecture in Chicago. Participants: Alejandra Cardenas, Jesus Cruz, Dennis Cuadrado, Kelley Dixon, Roberto Gamez, Maria Gunawan, Jacob Hatley, Mirveta Kantarevic, Kamil Kapica, William Lyons, Jessica Pena, Victor Reyes, Ayesha Riaz

Acceleration is a distinctive character of Chicago history. In less than fifty years, Chicago moved from the swampy lands and the few wooden sheds of a pioneers’ trading outpost to a metropolis of over a million people: the epicenter of the West colonization. The city developed as the converging point of various forms of energy — glacial stratifications, water streams, wheat prairies, underground mineral resources, iron ore, timber, meat, human labor and electricity — which crystallized in distinct architectural expressions. Redrawing disassembly lines and grain-elevators, railway yards and elevated tracks, skyscrapers and warehouses, factories and company towns, the studio conjectures a series of projects for the Planned Manufacturing Districts surrounding the Chicago Loop. An archipelago of distinct architectural interventions correlated by a unique logistical system, aimed at improving the existing manufacturing sectors, implementing the underutilized industrial lands and stimulating new possible fields of cooperation.